Mayweather vs Mcgregor is happening (I called it)

Do you remember when our MMA/Boxing guy, @StroudRounder said that Mayweather vs Mcgregor would never happen? Oh, no? I do. You can click here to read it. Why do I remember? Because the day before, I said it would. So, he wrote a passive aggressive hit peace in response.

Guess what!

Mayweather vs McGregor is happening!

Here’s some of my favorites from StroudRounder’s blog…

Let’s start with the headline: “Mayweather & McGregor Will NEVER Happen.” Notice the emphasis on the word “never”. Wait, I must have forgotten what the word “never” means. Let me look it up.

Never – adverb

1. at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever:“they had never been camping in their lives”
synonyms:not ever, at no time, not at any time, not once

Oh. Right. It still means what I thought it did.

The blog continues: “There are so many things wrong with his statement I can’t begin to comprehend it all but I will break down what I can to explain to you why I am right in saying, “THIS WILL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN!”  First off, Mayweather is retired, unlike most he wants to stay retired.”

It appears that Mayweather actually DIDN’T want to stay retired. Gasp.

I especially enjoy the ending: “You have to be out of your ever loving mind if you think this fight will happen.  Is it fun to talk about among friends?  Sure it is.  Waiting on this to happen is like waiting for Donald Trump to release his tax information.”

Shit. I can’t wait to see those Trump tax returns! “It’s on. Like it or not, Mayweather vs McGregor will meet in a boxing ring on Aug. 26 in what likely will wind up as the richest fight in boxing history. What seemed improbable and illogical when it was first proposed will become a reality when the retired king of boxing takes on the UFC lightweight champion in a pay-per-view event in Las Vegas.”

Don’t take it from me. He it is, straight from the horses’ mouth!