Carbondale’s Sean Mangan named Forest City Basketball Coach

We’re proud to report that friend of the show, Sean Mangan, has been named the head men’s basketball coach for the Forest City Foresters program. Yesterday, social media was buzzing about the appointment, but I’m pretty sure we’re the first ones to officially report on this story, making it BREAKING NEWS. It also appears that we even got the scoop before ‘ole Joby Fawcett.

When we spoke with Mangan last night, he seemed very excited and grateful for the opportunity. “I’d like to first thank Coach Pisarcik, for allowing me to learn under him the last few years. As well as Brian Durkin [Forest City Athletic Director] for his faith in me and my vision for the program. This opportunity makes me feel like a kid on Christmas, who got everything he could ever hope for. I can’t wait to get back to work with the kids, the parents and the entire Forest City community. Our goal is to build not just a basketball team, but a key asset to the entire Forest City community,” he said.

He added, “GO FORESTERS!! ??.”

Mangan is a Carbondale Area High School graduate, who also spent time on the basketball court for Carbodnale’s now defunct Sacred Heart High School. His basketball career took place during the District 2 basketball hay-day, where he shared the court with such greats as Gerry Mcnamara, The Brown Brothers of Sacred Heart (Brian and Bernie) and current Carbondale Area men’s basketball coach, Landon Gabriel.

We asked Sean, “What can the Forester faithful can expect form the Mangan tenure?” He explained, “My hope is that the first thing you notice about us is that we have fun on the court. I hope to play an uptempo style [of basketball] on both ends of the floor, in order to get more than the standard 6-7 kids involved in the game. If you come to our games, it won’t be surprising to see us utilize a 10 man rotation. Obviously, in order to accomplish that, we will need to be committed in the offseason. At the end of the day, my main goal is to have a positive impact on the kids and for the team to have a positive impact on the community. Hopefully that also includes winning games and enjoying the entire process of high school basketball.”

Full disclosure. We put on our Journalism with a capital J hats for this blog. You’re welcome.

It seems like Carbondale alumni are taking over the NEPA basketball scene. A few weeks ago, we also reported that Natalie Winters would take over as Western Wayne’s women’s basketball coach.

Congratulations to Coach Sean Mangan and the Foresters!