Mouthing Off with StroudRounder: Mayweather & McGregor Will NEVER Happen

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks that Conor McGregor wants to and will be stepping into the squared circle to box, yes I said box Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  There are so many things wrong with his statement I can’t begin to comprehend it all but I will break down what I can to explain to you why I am right in saying, “THIS WILL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN!”  First off, Mayweather is retired, unlike most he wants to stay retired.  Second, McGregor is still under UFC contract.  They will NOT let him box one of the greatest fighters of all time.  Do I think Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters of all time? NO, but he does what he has to do inside that ring and that is to not get hit.  Third, McGregor has no true boxing skills.  He may have some KO pop with MMA gloves on inside the Octagon but it’s different with true boxing gloves…it’s a whole different dynamic.  The other day I came across a video of McGregor sparring and from what I can tell his stance is terrible and he can’t throw a straight jab to save his life.  I then got into a twitter war with someone saying that he was just goofing around and he really wouldn’t show what he can truly do on video.  I’m sorry but I come from the old school, practice how you are going to play, or in this case, practice how you are going to fight.  When I coached basketball I had a saying, “Game speed, Game Preparation.”  Always go at the speed and intensity in which you will really participate in your sport.

Money Talks

Let’s talk about money.  Do either one of these fighters need the money?  Mayweather certainly does not, McGregor, maybe, not really sure.  In the last few UFC pay per views, that Conor fought, he was paid handsomely.  Mayweather said the other day that his price is $100 million so of course McGregor said $100 million is my price too.  Who in their right mind would pay these two $200 million to fight?  Who would you stack on the under card to fight and then come up with the money to pay them too?  I mean enough is enough.  I wish we would stop talking about such nonsense and focus on real fighters. Fighters who want to fight, because they need to. Fighters who want to win that title they want so badly.  This is a prime example why I love the local fight scene.  I love going to Philadelphia and interacting with young fighters who are doing it because they love the sport and they want to be #1.  They don’t worry about the money. I know this as fact, because most of these guys aren’t in a hurry to go get paid.  They want to take pictures with family, friends and fans.  They aren’t in a rush to get back in the locker room.

You have to be out of your ever loving mind if you think this fight will happen.  Is it fun to talk about among friends?  Sure it is.  Waiting on this to happen is like waiting for Donald Trump to release his tax information.

Remember, this is only my opinion and if I want yours, I’ll give it to you.