Zeke Elliott says he’s faded, Sports Illustrated says he’s high

Zeke Elliott was just out here, having some drinks, doing his thing and streaming some video games. At the end he dropped this line:

“Oh, bro. I’m low-key faded, bro. Oh, no. I didn’t even end my stream, yet.

You cant watch the clip below.

Well, the folks over at Sport Illustrated took that to mean that Zeke Elliott was smoking the devils lettuce. And they sure did run with it.

Sports Illustrated ran this headline:

SI.com: Ezekiel Elliott Forgets to Log Off, Admits to Being High

Again, Zeke was referring to the drinks, which he can be seen drinking during his Twitch stream.

They printed the retraction below:

Correction: Elliott responded to our original story and said “faded” referred to a few drinks he had while streaming. A previous version of this story included a headline with an incorrect interpretation of Elliott’s meaning of “faded.” We apologize and regret the error.

Who the hell wrote this? Oh, Jimmy Traina. Who is he? Well according to Si.com:

Jimmy Traina is a writer/producer for SI.com. He currently writes the daily column, “Traina Thoughts” which is published Monday through Friday. He also hosts the weekly Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. Traina joined SI.com in 2000 and created the daily “Hot Clicks” feature in 2007, which he wrote until 2013. 

Okay, yeah. That sounds and looks about right. I can’t imagine Jimmy Traina ever using the term “faded” or even pretending to know what it means.

Jesus Christ, Jimmy. How do you let that image exist on the internet? Like, I have to assume by the ridiculous middle-school backdrop and pose that you know they were taking it. Which, means you were complacent in it’s creation.

Sue their asses, Zeke. Sue their asses.

Oh, wait… it looks like he’s 10 steps ahead of us.