$60 LaVar Ball trading card available and autographed

Everyone’s favorite asshole and helicopter dad, LaVar Ball is back in the news. Apparently, Lavar has inked a deal with Leaf Trading Cards and they will be selling a limited edition LaVar Ball trading card, with his likeness and signature. Each LaVar ball trading card will also be autographed and have a unique quote written on it.

You can buy your own piece of shit… erm, autographed LaVar Ball trading card… for $59.95 on Wednesday. First come, first serve and you won’t know which card you get until it’s delivered. It’s even reported that he wrote “I’m better than Jordan,” on a few of them. Because, it’s cool to trash the greatest basketball player of all time on a fake trading card, when you’ve never ever played in the NBA.

I don’t blame Leaf Trading Cards for trying to cash in on the hype that is LaVar Ball. But, wow sad does this look for LaVar Ball? I’m sure he made a few bucks on the deal. But, this is just flat out embarrassing. He’s not a real athlete, he’s just a real athletes father. So, basically, LaVar got a novelty trading card made and someone is going to sell it online for him.

In third grad, my mom got a baseball card made with my picture on it. Maybe I’ll autograph it some time. It’ll literally be worth the same as LaVar’s in two years. Just to be clear, I mean they’re both worth nothing.

FoxSports.com: “LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball, has inked a deal with Leaf Trading Cards to sell autographed cards that feature some of his outlandish statements, according to a report from ESPN. The cards will be sold Wednesday on eBay, starting at 1 p.m. ET, at a fixed price of $59.95 each.

Some of the cards would be more popular than others, but those who plan on purchasing should know this: When a person clicks to buy a card, he or she will not know which phrase it features.

“This wasn’t all about the money,” said Ball, who signed the cards at his California home Friday. “I think it’s cool to have a card.”

If you buy a $60 LaVar Ball trading card — you’re an idiot.