You can no longer drink alcohol in Florida bars

Florida… Florida… Florida — what the hell is wrong with this state? Today they announced a record-breaking number of new Covid-19 cases. 8,942 new cases to be exact.

What’s the state governments move? Start taking social distancing seriously? Nope. Require masks to be worn in public? Nope. So what are they doing you ask? Well… you can’t drink alcohol in bars anymore. “Florida is suspending the drinking of alcohol at bars, according to a tweet from Halsey Beshears, the secretary of the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.”

The ever wise Governor DeSantis of Florida had this gem of knowledge to drop. “If you go in and it’s just like mayhem, like Dance Party USA and it’s packed to the rafters, that’s just cut and dry. That’s not just an innocent mistake,” DeSantis said.

I want to be mad at the guy. But… Party in the USA issssss a jam. If you’re going to get Covid-19, you might as well be listening to early 2000’s Miley while you do it. Right?

“My tummy’s turnin’ and I’m feelin’ kinda home sick, too much pressure and I’m nervous, That’s when the taxi man turned on the radio. And I forgot to put my mask on. And the Covid threat was gone. And the idiots that think it’s over are wrong.”


Florida has tested more than 1.77 million people and the median age for new cases is trending down to people in their their 30s.

Almost 20% of Florida’s residents are over the age of 65. Which puts them in an extremely dangerous position.

Don’t worry. Mike Pence is on the case:

CNN: “We stand here today because with the rising cases among southern states, President Trump asked us to brief the American people, to give details on what we’re seeing, what we’re doing, and how it’s different from two months ago,” Pence said at the opening of the coronavirus task force briefing.” – Mike Pence

Can we PLEASE call it like it is, Mikey? Republican states are on the rise. Why? Because republicans and the right win media are pushing a narrativ that the virus wasn’t a major concern. They’ve refused to wear masks. They’ve scoffed at social distancing. It’s not a mystery, Mr. Vice President.

CNN: “Younger Americans have a particular responsibility to make sure that they’re not carrying the coronavirus into settings where they would expose the most vulnerable,” he said.

Clearly, that’s not working. They just had to STOP SELLING BOOZE IN BARS IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Clearly people can’t be responsible or just don’t care.

Thank god we have Dr. Tony F. M-F-N-Baby Fauci out here spitting the truth to all of us.

CNN: “So there is what I call — and again, I just want to bring this out without making it seem that anybody’s at fault — you have an individual responsibility to yourself. But you have a societal responsibility, because if we want to end this outbreak — really end it and then hopefully when a vaccine comes and puts the nail in the coffin — we’ve got to realize that we are part of the process.” – Dr. Tony F. M-F-N-Baby Fauci