No Shit, Sidney Crosby didn’t say Pk Subban had bad breath

ICYMI: There was a bit of jawing between Sidney Crosby and PK Subban at the end of Game 3. No big deal, they’re two testosterone fueled guys, that are all hopped up and in the midst of battle. It’s to be expected. So, when the reporter shoved a camera is PK Subban’s face, he acted like a true guy’s guy. He didn’t put Crosby on blast, he just made a joke and said that Crosby told him he had bad breath.

In my humble opinion, as a guy, that was a really cool move. Keep what is said on the court (or ice) on the court (or ice). There’s no need to start unnecessary drama or controversy over a little shit talking. Pk Subban took the high road, what some would call the competitors road. The “let him stalk shit and I’ll get him back on the ice” road.

After all, who knows what Sidney Crosby said? No one. Subban could have literally said ANYTHING and there would be no way to prove otherwise. He was given the chance to draw first blood and frame the story. He could have ruined Crosby. But instead, he made a joke about it.

All the respect in the world to PK Subban.

Crosby on the other hand, has now decided to play the cry baby card. He’s telling anyone that will listen, “I didn’t say that.”

No shit, that’s not what you said, Crosby. No shit. But, be a dude for me, one time Crosby.

P.S. Two hockey article in one day. What the hell is going on over here? #HockeyGuys?

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