Rob and Rex Ryan had themselves a weekend in Nashville

It appears that Rob and Rex Ryan are big Nashville Predator fans. Who knew? Well, if you didn’t know before, they wanted to make sure that everyone in Nashville was aware of it this weekend. The Ryan Brothers were running wild, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction throughout Music City. Then again, this could be a considered a normal weekend for ‘ole Rob and Rex Ryan. They remind me of another famous hockey related duo…

Rob and Rex Ryan, Bash Brothers!

Look at Rex Ryan, just going to town on that Penguins car with a sledge hammer. Do you see the absolute joy in his face? I don’t think he’s been that happy since the last time he had some toes in his mouth.

P.S. Someone might want to let the Predators know that #Smashville sounds like the name of a porn about twitter.

The Ryan Brothers don’t get their jollies by only smashing cars. Oh, no. They wanted to smash some faces too. What’s a weekend of rabble-rousing without a little fisticuffs? That’s right, the Bash Bros, Rob and Rex Ryan came to Nashville to do three things: watch hockey, drink beer and fight. You know what? The Preds won game three and they’re all out of beer…

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