Dirrell vs Uzcategui was MUST SEE TV!

I’m going to eat a bunch of crow right now. I admit it, the Dirrell vs Uzcategui boxing match was amazing to watch! That’s right, the IBF super middleweight title match between Jose Uzcategui and Andre Direll on SHOWTIME was MUST SEE TV! Everyone should have been watching this may lay. Boxing, do you want to increase your ratings? We need more of this. That being said, I’m still holding to my convictions, boxing is stagnant, this match was on a premium channel and I’ve never heard of these guys until today.  I’m sure true boxing fans are pissed about this, as they should be. In actuality, what took place was an absolute disgrace to the sport. But, it sure made for some great twitter content.

The match itself ended in a bizarre fashion, with Dirrell winning by DQ after being knocked out by Uzcategui. The referee determined that the knock out blow came after the bell and ended the match in the eighth round. Then, all hell broke lose. Fights in the audience, fights in the ring, madness surly ensued.

Next up? Dirrell’s uncle just smoked Uzcategui in the jaw right a STRONG left hook. Shout out to the DJ Khaled look-a-like in Uzcategui’s corner. That dude was completely worthless. His boy got snuck, right in front of his face.. We see you. But, I honestly felt bad for Dirrell, he was was trying to calm everyone down and looked him he was on the verge of tears. It’s all about who you surround yourself with brother. Haven’t you ever seen “Southpaw?” We don’t need another Rachel McAdams death on our hands.

Also, did we mention that Uncle Leon is still on the lamb?

Dirrell vs Uzcategui was an instant classic.