Please, just shut up and let me enjoy the Super Bowl

I’m currently sitting in a ski lodge in the Poconos (not telling you which one,  we don’t do free ads) as my wife skis. It’s a tradition in her family and I’ve been indoctrinated into it over the years. So, today, she’ll ski and I’ll blog from the lodge. It’s snowing like crazy outside, which has created an absolutely picturesque day. I’m in an awesome mood. I love football and I love watching the Super Bowl. I love the two week build up, the 8 hours of pre-game coverage, the players running through the tunnel, the national anthem, the halftime performance, the commercials… I love it all.

The world is a crazy place right now. Every day I have to deal with the day-to-day challenges of being a human. On an hourly basis, I have to log onto Twitter and make sure that the president hasn’t sent a tweet that will lead to our nuclear destruction. I have to worry about changing the oil in my car and paying my mortgage 364 days a year. I will be concerned about equality, feminism, corporate greed, player safety, equal pay and everything else tomorrow. Believe me, I stay woke. Everyday.


Just let me enjoy the fucking Super Bowl.

I posted a picture of myself in a Tom Brady t-shirt today, with all intention of causing a social media shit storm. But, I just wanted to poke the easily triggered Eagles fans. Instead I got posts like, “The NFL loves the Patriots and an accompanying financial breakdown that was tied back to class inequality” and another post the said “Of course the NFL’s best player has to be white.” Listen very closely: Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach to ever coach the game. The Patriots are a once in a lifetime dynasty. Enjoy watching it. Don’t get lost in the minutia. I’m a Panthers fan. Keep Pounding. But, I appreciate watching greatness.

He’s a list of things that I don’t care about today:

  • If the Eagles fan throw/threw batteries at people
  • If Philadelphia burns down (win or lose)
  • The referees favoring the Patriots
  • Deflategate
  • Tom Brady being white
  • Other teams not “getting a chance to play in the Super Bowl” – it’s called winning, try it and enjoy your soccer participation ribbons
  • The Patriots being accused of cheating 10 years ago

… literally any other controversy you can cook up.

I’m going to enjoy watching a great football games tonight and the amazing story lines that go along with it.

It’s called fun, people.

Try it for me. One time.