Jiri Hudler allegedly threatened to kill a flight attendant over Cocaine

Not a good look for Jiri Hudler here. When it comes to professional athletes they should avoid stories involving murder and cocaine at all costs. He just went ahead and combined the two. To make it better, he did it on an airplane. Anything bad you could ever dream of doing is intensified by a million when you involve an airplane.

Bastoolsports.com with the translation“Just a heads up here. All the articles on this are from Czech websites and in case you weren’t aware, the Czech to English translation isn’t exactly smooth. But here we go anyway.

isport.blesk.cz – The wild flight of ice hockey player Ji?í Hudler (33) is getting another shocking contour. According to the information, the police told one of the crew members a statement. Former representative allegedly threatened to kill him on board!

…Toward the up-and-coming Hudler, one of his colleagues called the steward to the class business. “She said she was afraid of this passenger, so I took the cabin driver,” he writes in a statement. All efforts to calm the situation were in vain. From the crew, the hockey player had to ask for coke in English. “We thought he wanted to drink, so we poured him a glass of wheat, but he said he wanted the coke as a white powder, and he emphasized the English word” cocaine “,” he told the police a crew member who immediately dismissed his request, that it is not possible to consume drugs on board…

“Mr. Hudler turned to me and said that when we arrived in Prague he would have to call his friends,” the steward told him. “I did not understand him, so I asked him what he meant, and he was going to let me kill,” he added. This is what the hockey player once said again…

…Hudler himself, however, has tried to break down the case. “Nothing happened, it was a sketch. It does not sound normal when we talk about it now. But there was no overthrow,” Hudler told Blesk.”

Note: This is all alleged and not even originally in English. So, take it for what it’s worth.