Snoop Dogg joins the UFC (not a joke)

Snoop Dogg has joined the UFC. His high-ness won’t be entering the octagon as a fighter, he’ll be providing his service as a color commentator. He’ll be calling fights for Dana White‘s new “Tuesday Night Contender Series,” which will air on the UFC’s internet streaming service. Every Tuesday, five live fights that will feature talent that has yet to be signed to the UFC will compete. It will basically be like the minor leagues or development league of the UFC, losses and wins will be secondary to future developmental opportunities.

That being said, they won’t really need expert commentary. But, they will need ratings.

Enter, Snoop D-O-double G, Snoop Dogg! “UFC has signed a unique play-by-play commentator for the launch of its new, live fight series set to debut next month: entertainment icon Snoop Dogg.

The show, “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series,” debuts July 11 and will air on UFC’s internet subscription service Fight Pass. It will consist of five live fights every Tuesday in Las Vegas, featuring talent that is not yet signed to the company.

A traditional commentary team is expected to be announced shortly, but viewers will also have a secondary audio option titled “SnoopCast,” which will feature the hip-hop artist alongside retired fighter Urijah Faber. The pair will provide commentary from on-site.

“I’m a big fan of UFC and [am] looking forward to joining the team to bring my unique take on all the action,” Snoop Dogg said. “Y’all in for a brand-new experience with Dogg on the mic.”

“Pppsssttttt… You don’t live me. You just love my doggy style.”