Podcast: Lucas Hex, UFC OKC, NBA Draft, Big 3 and PGA

The 55th episode of The Point After Show podcast see Eddie and Cavi flying solo, while Paul and Tommy are living it up in Hawaii.

Eddie and Cavi take over the podcast duties this week since the Lipko brothers are in Hawaii. The podcast starts with artist Lucas Hex (1:00-9:10)debuting his new song, “Sharpshooter.” The guys recap UFC Fight Night Oklahoma City, specifically the Lish poop incident and Darrell Horcher’s comeback (9:20-18:35). A quick recap of the NBA Draft (18:35-22:48) and a discussion about Ice Cube’s Big 3 Basketball League (22:48-30:13). Ed gives up a PGA weekend update (30:13-36:30). Cavi breaks news that Lava Ball will appear on WWE’s Monday Night Raw and the Blake Griffen trade (36:30-45:00).