Snoop Dogg was fire in his UFC debut last night

The “Snoop Dogg as an announcer in the UFC” experiment was rousing success; at least in my humble opinion. Thank GOD that the Snoop d-o-double-g is announcing this stuff. Because, listening to Urijah Faber is about as exciting as watching paint dry. He sounds like he should be hosting a PBS special, trying to get donations and charging me like $250 to get a stupid embroidered polo shirt as a “gift.”

The fights were okay, I guess. But, it was a weird setting, like a warehouse or something. No one was really that excited about anything and there was a lot of golf clapping going on. To be honest, the people in attendance might have actually been paid to be there. Who knows?

Listen, Snoop Dogg sang “Rockabye Baby” to a dude that got knocked out last night. Need I say any more than?

Now, can we just get this guy in the ring?

Snoop does NOT Play!! @ufc #fightpass @snoopdogg

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