Breaking: Hayley Williams from Paramore is Single

Listen, I’ve never been a big celebrity crush guy. It might have something to do with that fact that I grew up during the Backstreet Boys and N*sync era. Every girl we knew was obsessed with boy bands and we’d make fun of them a lot for it. So, that was probably an early reality check. But, I was a BIG Hayley Williams guy. For those of you who don’t know, she was the lead singer or Paramore and the queen of Pop Punk in the early 2000’s.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve only had two celebrity crushes in my entire life. The first was Jennifer Love Hewitt. When she walked into the party in the movie “Cant Hardly Wait,” it did some crazy things to the 6th grade emotions and hormones of little Cavi. I’m a loyal guy, so she pretty much remained my celebrity crush until age 19 or 20, when Paramore broke onto the scene.

My wife actually used to cut out pictures of Hayley Williams for me when we first started dating. Thinking back, maybe that was her giving me a hall pass? One summer, while working at the Warped Tour, I actually ate lunch across the table from Hayley. I’m sad to say that she was crazy rude to me ad that was the end of my crush.

Now, I’m sure she’s an awesome person and I just caught her at a bad time. But, in my defense, all I said was “Hi.” Her attitude likely had something to do with that fact that she was one of the only girls in an ocean of smelly punk dudes, for an entire summer. Either way, that was the end of my crush.

Two years later, I was working with New Found Glory and told her then finance, Chad Gilbert about my former crush. He actually told me he was going to text her and ask why she was rude to me. He got a kick out of that. Thinking back, I was pretty drunk after the show when I told him that story and it was a really awkward move on my part.

Point of the story: Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert are getting divorced.

Anyway, if you were/are a Hayley Williams crush guy, it’s time to shoot your shot.

P.S. This song still owns.