CM Punk and the Green Power Ranger Need to Fight

An MMA match up between CM Punk and the Green Power Ranger NEEDS to happen.


Why not?!

Listen, the CM Punk UFC experiment was an absolute disaster. If he wants to fight again on a UFC card, it basically needs to be an absurd match up like this. Your diehard, purist UFC/MMA fans don’t give a shit about CM Punk. Your casual fans, like me, don’t want to watch him fight some no-name-fighter. If Punk fights “Joe Really Skilled Up and Coming MMA Guy,” there’s no chance I’m going to buy that. Because, he’s going to lose. Frank made a recent appearance on the Primo Nutmeg Podcast and used it as a platform to call out CM Punk. Frank wants this fight bad, and insists that the #UFC fans are begging for this match-up. JFD had this to say regarding the possible fight:

“They would love it. If Punk fights again, everybody at the base, everybody that owns UFC wants me to fight him. If he fights again, that’s definitely something I would like to do. I got a chance to visit some of the WWE guys backstage at their shows, it’s much like the UFC. I’m not talking about the fighting, but the energy everyone puts into the show. One way or another I’d like to get involved with WWE or UFC just to please the fans.”

Now, if CM Punk is going to fight Jason, the Green Ranger. I’m in. Because, that means that CM Punk is fighting the guy I pretended to be at recess, every day, during 2nd and 3rd grade. The Red Ranger? Yeh, he was cool, I guess. But, Jason was the man. He was the outsider, the bad ass. He was the best Power Ranger, ever. Prove it?

Well… he wants to fight CM Punk in an MMA/UFC fight. Be more badass, please, I dare you to try. You don’t see Billy the Blue Ranger fighting anyone in the octagon. He’s probably a nuclear scientist or something. Nerd.

So, consider this my plea. CM Punk, please fight the Green Power Ranger. Please.

P.S. Some expert Google searching has lead me to believe that this dude is STILL playing the Green Power Ranger. Like, he’s still on the show. That tells me that he might actually think that he’s a Power Ranger. It also tells me that he might actually be a Power Ranger. Why else keep it up after all these years.

P.P.S. The White Ranger Megazord is still the best present that I have ever received. Thanks parents.

P.P.P.S. The Green Ranger’s real name is Jason David Frank. If that name doesn’t scream, “I’m going to be the Green Power Ranger for the rest of my life,” I don’t know what does.

If JDF has half the skills he used to, CM Punk better watch out.