UFC’s Matt Hughes Hit By A Train – Prayers.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at The Point After Show go out to Matt Hughes and his family. No details are really being released right now on this situation. But, we’ll keep you abreast of the situation as it develops. For right now, all we can say is keep Matt Hughes and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Send all you positive vibes his way.

I’m not as big of an MMA guy as Tommy, but even I know that Matt Hughes is one of the original MMA/UFC Legends.

There are a few detailed descriptions of the accident floating around the on the internet right now. We’re trying to keep it PMA, but if you’re a weirdo and into that kind of thing, just google it.


ESPN: “Former UFC welterweight champion Hughes has been airlifted to a medical facility after the truck he was in collided with a train Friday, UFC president Dana White told ESPN.

White said that he’s been in contact with Hughes’ family and that they are en route to the medical facility where the 43-year-old was taken.

“Apparently he has head trauma,” White said. “His family is traveling to him now.”

*Main image courtesy of Chideo.com

Positive vibes for Matt Hughes.