Dude proposes at Fireflies Game, Gets rejected

I don’t know what this guy was thinking. Public proposals at sporting events are the absolute worst. Unless you’re a player or the girl you’re proposing to is absolutely obsessed with the team, it’s a bad idea. This guy’s decision to propose at a Charleston RiverDogs / Columbia Fireflies game, was an all time BAD LOOK.

Minor league baseball, dude? Did you find the engagement ring at the bottom of a Cracker Jacks box? Come on.

I originally planned a bug public proposal for my wife. Thankfully, I forget the ring at home, when we left for the concert. So, when my wife’s favorite band dedicated a song to her from stage and said someone was going to propose, I just looked around and pretended like it wasn’t me. Real awkward for the band and the entire crowd that was looking for a person, named Amanda being proposed to. Really good for me, because my wife would have 100% taken an anxiety attack and left me on one knee, looking like this dude.

Maybe he was hoping for some of that Tim Tebow magic to make her say yes? Bad news for him, Tebow’s all out of magic. He went 0-4 that night. What do you do now if you’re this guy? This girl’s reaction was absolutely savage. Straight up, says no and whispers something in his ear. She was waving her hands and shit; she wanted everyone to know that she was saying no. Whatever she said in his ear had to be an absolute dagger, the dude just froze.

She knew what she was doing to. It was deliberate, cold, calculated and she was still composed enough to pick up her purse and leave this fool on bended knee.

If someone ever proposed to me in public, I’m would just 100% say yes, just to avoid the awkwardness and humiliation. It wouldn’t even matter if it was a complete stranger.

So this just happened!! Watch to the end

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