People are betting on Conor McGregor to upset Floyd Mayweather

What if Conor McGregor upsets Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming boxing match? He most likely won’t. But, just… WHAT IF?

Now, that could be seen as dangerous rationale. Some would say, the rationale of a gambler. It seems that’s exactly what’s taking place in the sports book world. Bettors are flocking to put their money down on McGregor. But, that’s how you make real money as a gambler, identify an underdog and cash in on an upset. It should be noted, that’s also how you lose money as well.

The Westgate Las Vegas sports book has Mayweather opening as a minus-2500 favorite. If you were to bet on McGregor you’d be looking at a plus-1100 return on your original bet. So, if you’ve got an extra $100 burning a whole in your pocket, this would be the fight to bet. Just go into it knowing that you’re likely lighting $100 on fire. But, what if McGregor wins? What if?

It seems like bettors are taking my advice, as overnight, the price has been driven down to McGregor plus-550. Which, is still a really good pay day. If you’re planning on betting this match, get your bet in before the odds drop even further.

Remember, the house always wins. These odds mean that there’s basically no chance of McGregor wining. “Money has already come in on the inexperienced underdog. The Westgate Las Vegas sports book opened Mayweather as a minus-2500 favorite in February with McGregor bettors fetching a plus-1100 return on their investment. A sampling of oddsmakers indicates the true line for the fight should have Mayweather as an even bigger favorite. It’s difficult to post such a number, however, because all of the underdog action would leave a sports book exposed too much to a fluke result. According to Westgate sports book manager Jeff Sherman, steady support for McGregor at the opening number as it was drove the price as low as minus-800, with McGregor at plus-550.”

If Conor McGregor somehow wins this fight, he’ll become the biggest athletic personality in the world.

Just tell us the ruleset.

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