ESPN axes The Professor, John Clayton

Holy shit. No one is safe at ESPN. If John Clayton is getting the axe, who could be next? Steven A Smith? Michael Smith? Jemele Hill? Maybe they’ll just get rid of SportsCenter at 6 all together? Not a chance. We’ll keep they’ll keep the sub-par, sideshow characters and keep watering down the ESPN brand. I swear to God, if SVP gets let go, I’m canceling my cable subscription. You hear me ESPN? You hear me Comcast? This is not a threat, it’s a promise. John Clayton, man…

Clayton only has 25 years of experience. At least they just hired Chip Kelly. You know, a guy with zero experience, that everyone outside of Oregon hates.  “The Professor’s tenure at ESPN is coming to an end.

NFL insider John “The Professor” Clayton is leaving ESPN as part of the sweeping layoffs at the Worldwide Leader in Sports, sources tell Sporting News. ESPN and Clayton both declined comment. 

The well-respected Clayton has served as a senior NFL writer and commentator at ESPN for 23 years.”

John Clayton is a Pennsylvania guy. He cut his chops in the Pittsburg market, cover Bradshaw and Mean Joe Green. He’s everything we love, all rolled into a big, Crypt Keeper looking ball. He’s blue collar and he’s a PA boy, so we tip our hat to him. Also, John, if you’re interested in working for free, but having a really good time, we’re hiring.

Let us never forget that Clayton is responsible for one of the ALL TIME BEST ESPN commercials, ever. Slayer t-shirt. Gross balding-ponytail. Leftover Chinese food. Living with his mom. What a dream.

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Twitter reacts to John Clayton’s firing: