ESPN Lays off 100 People; The Point After Show Adds People

It’s been common knowledge that ESPN was going to be making major cuts to their talent roster. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. The “World Wide Leader” in sports has developed many flaws, but I don’t think anyone expected 100 people to end up unemployed yesterday. What caused this massive layoff? From the outside looking in, ESPN has invested into massive contracts with the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB – it’s hard to sustain. Also, people are moving away from cable and coming to blogs, like ours, to get their sports information. I can’t blame them. We’re pretty awesome. Since I just complimented you, you should totally click on a few of the ads on this site. We’ve witnessed the rise of sites like Bleacher Report, Deadspin and Barstool Sports. ESPN has the name and they have the potential reach, but they haven’t utilized it properly.

Those numbers are absolutely bananas. How do you have 30 MILLION more followers than someone on twitter and allow that account to result in LESS interactions. That’s just social marketing 101. Hey, ESPN, I know you’re probably on a hiring freeze. But, call me. I’d be glad to do some social media consulting work for you.

This is the dawning of a new day. You’re going to see the old guard change over the next few years. The old guard must either adjust, keep up with trends or become Blockbuster. ESPN is on the path to becoming Blockbuster. They’re not to big to fail and even in their layoffs, they’ve shown poor judgement. Every single person of note fired has just become a competitor. ESPN just created 50 new blogs, podcasts and radio shows that will become their direct competitor. Dan Patrick is proof positive that leaving “the mothership” and doing it your own way isn’t a death sentence.

The Point After Show on the other hand is growing by leaps and bounds. You’re welcome for the content and thank you for consuming it. We’ve recently added a new writer, Ethan. His work is top notch and we’re excited to have him as part of the team. Our man Taylor is absolutely killing it with his NASCAR and Golf fantasy projections. Taylor also made his debut on our podcast last week. We think strong niche subjects like these will be the key to our growth. That and my killer work covering MTV’s The Challenge. Even Arnese put out two half decent articles (he said through gritted teeth). Our podcast is really hitting its stride and this week’s episode was a true display of just how far we’ve come.

Now, let’s talk about some of the people that got laid off by ESPN.

P.S. Hey guys, we’re accepting resumes.

I’m just going to highlight key people. I don’t have time to cover all 100 people, although we wish them all well and hope they land on their feet.

  • A lot of the NHL talent / staff was let go. Sorry, hockey fans.
  • They cut out the Boxing talent / staff. But, no one knew who they were anyway. Expect, Arnese.
  • Britt McHenry | Reporter  –  I’m OK with this. She’s good, but replaceable. We’ll bid farewell to her tonight at the draft. She’s young, she’ll land on her feet.
  • Jeff Biggs | ESPN 710 Host  – This may sound cold hearted, but LA’s ESPN radio doesn’t affect my life in any way. I’m also OK with this. Just syndicate someone else into the market. This is a logical play. I do hate the idea of local/specialized radio going by the way side. But, then again, no one really listens to the radio. Start a podcast, Jeff. You’ll be fine.
  • Andy Katz | College Basketball Reporter – I love Andy Katz. This is an absolutely bummer. He’s been my college basketball source for years.

  • Jade McCathy – Maybe don’t bring your kids to work. Just saying.

  • Dave Tuley | Sports Betting Writer – I wonder what the odds were on Dave getting laid off? Do you think Dave was betting on this? He’s actually great and you can still read is awesome stuff on


  • Jay Crawford | SportsCenter – Don’t like Crawford. I’m OK with this.
  • Trent Dilfer | NFL Analyst – This one is meh, Dilfer wasn’t the best. But, he wasn’t the worst either.

Danny – FUCKING – Kannel?

Are you out of your goddamn minds ESPN? Kannel is one of the best radio personalities/talent that ESPN has had in a LONG, long LONG time. So, they’re going to keep Bomani Jones? They’re going to keep Dan Le Batard? They’re going to keep paying Le Batard’s old man, Pappi? But, there’s no room at the inn for Danny Kannel?! Get lost. Get all the way lost.

P.S. I don’t hate Dan Le Batard. He’s probably one of the better radio guys at ESPN. I do hate Bomani Jones, though.

Ed Werder

Getting rid of Ed Weder is an absolutely absurd move. This guy basically wrote the book on NFL reporting. College professors of mine referenced this guy as like a sports reporting gold standard. Bad move. Bad, bad move. I see some serious blowback from this one.

Oh, wait… Ed Werder’s dog is dying too? ESPN, you heartless bastards. You can’t take a man’s best friend and his job from him in the same few days. We love you Ed. We love you too Austin. You’re a good boy. A very good boy.

Oh, shit. Ed already started his own podcast. There goes more of your marketshare, ESPN.

End rant.