Malcolm Jenkins talks Drew Bress, racism and the national anthem

Malcom Jenkins sat down with Bleacher Report and has a WHOLE lot to say about Drew Brees, the national anthem and racism.

Bleacher Report: New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins spoke with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks on Thursday about racism and where things stand with quarterback Drew Brees regarding his comments about kneeling during the national anthem.”

Per Bleacher Report, this is how Jenkins explained to Brees why what he said was offensive:

“I honestly don’t think he necessarily knew what he wasn’t saying. And I tried to tell him, ‘Your thoughts on the flag are yours. You are open to that opinion, I have no problem with that opinion. Nobody’s hurt because of how you feel about the flag, we actually know that about you and expect that from you. But it’s more about acknowledging what it may mean to me or what it may not mean to me. Not even about the flag, just about the entire demonstration in general, what that’s about. Acknowledging that pain or that gripe or grievance that I have is really what it comes down to.'”

– Malcom Jenkins

Does he believe Drew Brees?

“I think obviously with all of the backlash with him talking to a lot of the guys he’s closest with and the guys that he’s played with over his long career—he reached out to a lot of us, me included, and I think that guys being able to tell somebody like Drew Brees the truth that, ‘Your words hurt because of this,’ I think that really helped him realize how deep it was for his teammates and for other people that didn’t share his experience. And I think he understands that sometimes there’s opportunity for you to really just listen and be a lot more careful, especially as polarized as our country is.”

– Malcom Jenkins

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what Drew Brees had to say.