Jordy Nelson to the New England Patriots?

The Packers cut fan favorite Jordy Nelson today. This move came as a shock to Packers’ fans and fantasy football players. Nelson and Rodgers have mastered the back shoulder pass. Although Jordy Nelson saw his production dip last last year, he wasn’t playing with Aaron Rodgers. So, this move shocked me.

What do I think is going to happen?

I see two likely scenarios.

  1. Jordy Nelson was released by the Packers to clear cap space. They’ll make necessary moves and then resign him to a restructured deal.
  2. Jordy Nelson is a Patriot next year. Who loves big, tough, smart receivers? The Patriots. Who loves gritty, athletic white guys at the receiver position? Bill Belichick. What other quarterback in the league could deliver back-should-dimes to Nelson? Tom Brady. Who made a move today that opens up space for a receiver? The Patriots did. They let Amendola go to the Miami Dolphins.