Terrelle Pryor to fan: “F— You!”

I’m going all in on this take: If you want to run your mouth to a professional athlete and be a tough guy, they should be allowed to fight your without repercussions. Think about the situation, this dude just called Terrelle Pryor a “little pussy,” knowing that there’s nothing he can do about it. Let this dude money where his mouth is. Pryor is an athletic specimen, while this guy probably works in a cubicle and is just counting the minutes until he dies. To every action there should be an equal and opposite reaction. If you want to heckle an NFL player, that player should be allowed to retaliate without repercussions.

TMZ Sports; “As he’s entering the tunnel, the wideout drops an f-bomb and 1-finger salute on the heckler — which got more K.C. fans to clap back. But Terrelle REALLY lost it when the same guy called him a “little p*ssy” … to the point where a team staffer had to step in and restrain him. At one point, Pryor acts like he’s going to swing his helmet at the fan but stops himself.”

P.S. Check out that cop in the background. That dude is all smiles. He 100% agrees with me.