NFL Week 5 Picks – New Format

Welcome, degenerate PAS-Holes! We’re back again this week with our NFL Week 5 picks and we’ll no longer be providing any over/under picks.

We’ve been getting BEAT UP over the last few weeks. Because of that, I looked for some outside advice to help the gamblers this week and found it from the guys at SportsBettingDime.

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SportsBettingDime: Week 5 in the 2017 NFL season will feature some intriguing matchups, the most recent lines, and games scheduled can be found on this page devoted to football betting at Sportsbettingdime. Chief among them is the NFC divisional playoff rematch between the Cowboys and the Packers. While the line for the game won’t be posted until after Week 4 and injuries/suspensions can always drastically alter the outlook, the Cowboys should come in as modest home favorites (around -3). If/when they do, jump on Dallas. You won’t see a repeat of last year’s playoffs. The Dallas o-line will have its way up front and the Cowboys will shorten the game by running the ball consistently. Meanwhile, Demarcus Lawrence and the Dallas pass rush should be able to make Aaron Rodgers a lot more uncomfortable than last season, allowing the team to get just enough stops to cover the minimal spread.

That’s how they handle football betting at Sportsbettingdime.

As we enter week 5, Tommy is in the lead with a record of 21-21. Eddie is in second place with a record of 19-28. I on the other hand, should probably just stick to college football. I’m now looking at a 15-27 record, which is disgraceful.

So, we’ve decided to reboot our picking process. We’re no longer going to be picking the over/under. From this point forward, we’re only going to be picking the winners. If this upsets you, it shouldn’t, because we really sucked at the over/unders. You know what they say, “if at first you don’t succeed, quit.”

Let’s consider everything until now water under the bridge. We’ll pull another Taylor Swift and shake it off. It’s time to win some money!

NFL Week 5 Picks
NFL Week 5 Picks
Season: 15-27
Season: 19-28
Season: 21-21
Chargers at Giants (-3.5) Chargers Chargers Chargers
Bills at Bengals (-3) Bills Bills Bills
Jets at Browns (PK) Browns Jets Jets
Jaguars at Steelers (-8.5) Steelers Steelers Steelers
Titans at Dolphins (PK) Titans Titans Dolphins
49ers at Colts (-1.5) 49ers 49ers 49ers
Cardinals at Eagles (-6) Eagles Cardinals Cardinals
Panthers at Lions (-2.5) Panthers Lions Lions
Seahawks at Rams (-1) Seahawks Rams Rams
Ravens at Raiders (-3) Raiders Raiders Ravens
Packers at Cowboys (-1.5) Packers Cowboys Packers
Chiefs (-1) at Texans Texans Texans Chiefs

It’s worth a note that only 1 away team is favored this week.

Everyone seems to be unanimously hot on: the Chargers, the Bills, the Steelers, and the 49ers.

Above you’ll find our NFL Week 5 picks. It’s also fair to note that we made these decisions based on the Wednesday morning lines and things may change. If you have any additional questions feel free to tweet us: @ProducerCavi, @Eddie_ThePAS or @Tlip_ThePAS.

We hope that this will help the PAS-holes out there that might have a little degenerate gambler in them. We’d also like to remind you that while we consider ourselves “experts,” you’re not guaranteed to win anything. Gamble at your own risk. Also, if you’re going to gamble, do it legally and responsibly. If you’ve got a problem, call 1-800-Gambler.