College Football Week 6 Picks

What’s up, PAS-holes? It’s time to release our College Football Week 6 picks already! How is your college football season going so far? Has it been six weeks of merriment or six weeks of hell? Well, if you’re betting along with our picks, you’re most likely doing alright for yourself.

Eddie and I (Cavi) killed it last week. I went 6-2, while Ed went 5-3. Tommy put up a 4-4 record, which means he just lost some vigs. That’s considered a win in the gambling world. After week 6, Eddie is in the lead at 15-6, Cavi is nipping at his heals at 14-7 and Tommy is pulling up the rear with a respectable 12-9.

The games this week are tough, because a few of them are basically coin flips. We hope you take our advice and that our picks help to increase your bankrolls. We know you’re degenerates, but we’d like to see you become wealthy degenerates. If you win, feel free to thank us by sending us a cash gift to [email protected] via PayPal. You’re welcome in advance.

College Football Week 6 Picks
College Football Week 6 Picks
Season: 14-7
Season: 15-6
Season: 12-9
Alabama (-26.5) at Texas A&M Alabama Texas A&M Alabama
Georgia (-17.5) at Vanderbilt Georgia Vanderbilt Georgia
Penn State at Northwestern (+14) Penn State Penn State Penn State
Notre Dame at North Carolina (+15.5) Notre Dame North Carolina Notre Dame
Michigan State at Michigan (-10.5) Michigan Michigan Michigan State
LSU at Florida (-3.5) Florida Florida Florida
Miami at Florida State (+3) Miami Miami Miami
Stanford at Utah (+6.5) Stanford Utah Stanford

Cavi did picked week 1 alone, before the competition started and went 7-1. So, he’s really 21-8* on the season.

It appears that we’re all hot on Penn State, Florida and Miami this week.

We made these picks based on the Wednesday morning point spreads. These may change. If you have any additional questions, tweet us: @ProducerCavi, @Eddie_ThePAS and @Tlip_ThePAS.

This is the part where we remind you that none of our picks are guaranteed to win you money. It’s also the place where we remind you that if you’re gambling to do it legally in Vegas or at one of the legal websites online. Also, if you have a problem call 1-800-Gambler.