Cam Newton was wrong but the reporter might be a racist

Yes. We can all agree that what Cam Newton said yesterday was inappropriate on some level. However, we don’t really know the context of his comments. He said it was “funny to hear a female talk about routes,” not that it was “funny because she was a female.” It wasn’t like he laughed hysterically. For all we know, he might have thought it was attractive that she had an understanding of routes. We don’t know.

I’m not defending Cam here. I’m just saying let’s give everyone fair and equal treatment.

However, that didn’t stop the internet from gathering up their pitchforks and rallying against Cam Newtown. He even reportedly lost the sponsorship of Dannon and gatorade has come out against him. Jourdan Rodrigue also took to twitter to lambast Newton as well. I assume that she saw an opportunity to go viral and was planning to use this situation as a stepping stone. Then again, much like with what Cam said, we don’t actually know what her intentions were or the context of her comments.

What we do know is that Rodrigue had some skeletons in her Twitter closet. Which begs to question… How stupid are people in 2017?

If you’re going to play the “holier than thou” card on the internet, you better be squeaky clean. The internet is the ultimate equalizer. Twitter trolls are going to find your deepest darkest tweet secrets. Unfortunately for Rodrigue, hers happen to be of the racist variety.


I assume she’s deleted these tweets by now. Don’t worry Jourdan, much like the North, the internet remembers. She did tweet out an apology, although I question the sincerity of it. See, I can do that. Just draw inferences, that’s what people did to Cam Newton. It’s not as much fun when the shoe is on the other foot.

It’s kind of amazing to see this take place in real time. I don’t know that I’ve ever witnessed someone go from hero to villain as quickly.

Where does this leave us? I mean, what’s worse, a racist or a sexist? The world may never know.

I’d say that a hypocrite is just as bad.

So, that brings us to Katie Paralta, another reporter at the Charlotte Observer. She wrote a piece on Cam Newton being dropped by Dannon and scolded by Gatorade. However, she failed to mention the fact that her colleague was embroiled in a racial controversy over the matter. In my mind, Paralta or whoever is dictating what she’s writing, is the real problem.

This is exactly why people don’t trust media anymore. Report the whole story or don’t report it at all, Katie. Be the real reporter as you claim to be. Don’t be part of the problem.

Don’t worry, I let her know about it Twitter.

Cam Netwon

P.S. Katie went to Notre Dame, so I don’t hate her completely.

P.P.S. Does this next series of tweets mean that Anonymous has my back?

Shiiiittttt, shots fired by @SilkyJ0hnson85.

P.P.P.S. That twitter handle is a power move.

Finally, I’m got to give a shout out to this guy…

Cam Netwon