Fantasy Football Owners Stay Away from the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are having a rough training camp. All reports are that team appears to just be treading water. I read one report that described he offense as “stuck in the mud.” That’s not a good sign for Cleveland Browns fans, but it’s even worse for Fantasy Football owners.

If you’re a serious Fantasy Football owner, sirens should be going off and needs scream in your face: “don’t waste high draft picks on Cleveland players.” Even if you’re utilizing the “best man available” strategy, I recommend staying away from the Browns. I recommend using the “good” Browns’ players as pawns to trade for draft picks or positions. Do anything you possibly can to avoid having a Cleveland Brown on your roster.

Why the sudden concern? The quarterback situation in Cleveland is a complete mess. Brock Osweiler is currently at the head of the quarterback pack. We all saw him destroy a strong Houston squad and make all of their receivers Fantasy worthless last year. He’s unreliable on both ends of the fantasy spectrum, you don’t want to utilize him as your quarterback, but you also don’t want him throwing to your receivers.

Kessler appears to be the #2 guy as of right now, which won’t help anyone in the Fantasy Football world. Then, there’s my dude, DeShone Kizer. Although he’s a #NotreDameGuy, he’s still a rookie. Kizer is a true rookie and although he has promise, he needs development. However, the Browns are the Browns and I can see him being rushed into action aka thrown to the wolves, before he’s ready. This situation would also result in Fantasy Football disaster.

When quarterback play on a team is “weak,” at best, there’s generally a trickle down effect. Every aspect of the offense will suffer without solid play at quarterback. If you can’t effectively pass the ball, the teams run game will suffer. So, that will make the running backs in Cleveland have less valuable as well.

Just stay away from the Cleveland Browns for Fantasy Football.

… you’ll thank me later.