Leave Marcus Mariota Alone, He’s not an O-line Hockey Guy

Alright, alright, alright… Enough is enough. Marcus Mariota is a fine and dandy #Smashville Predators fan. People across the internet are in an uproar over his lack of participation in the ritualistic debauchery of the Titans offensive line.

Marcus Mariota was forced to comment on not chugging beer with his offensive line. “I’ve never had a sip of alcohol,” he said and continued to explain why he didn’t have a dead catfish,“Catfish are gross, man.”

News Flash: Quarterbacks and Offensive Linemen are completely different animals. You can’t compare their actions.

It’s apple to oranges and regardless of what Little Dicky says, you CAN in fact compare fruit. But, it’s impossible to make a true comparison, because they are so different.

Mariota is a the face of the franchise. He’s got huge endorsement deals. Quarterbacks are supposed to be viewed as mild mannered leaders. So, swinging around his towel and cheering is good enough for ‘ole MM. He doesn’t need to share a beer with a dead cat fish.

Most offensive linemen aren’t exactly recognizable to the everyday people. They’re lucky if they can land a local car dealership commercial. We only pay attention to them when they’re throwing catfish and chugging beers. Case in point.

Good Predators fan = Marcus Mariota

I completely respect the fact that Marcus Mariota doesn’t drink. I don’t understand it. But, I respect it. Do you want to know what the difference between Marcus Mariota and Johnny Football is? A ton of drugs and alcohol (and athletic ability).rr

Fun fact: Dead fish are fucking gross and catfish creep me out. The only time I want a catfish near my face is if it’s deep-fried with a side of grits. It also looks like they’re chugging Bud Pounders. Fug-outta-here. Forget Mariota, I wouldn’t even take part in this.

Why are people trying to make it sound like Marcus Mariota is the weird one in this situation?

“Oh, he’s the one that didn’t hold a giant-smelly-dead catfish for the entire game? Wait, he didn’t pour beer into the fish’s mouth and then chug the beer? He was on national television, is the face of The Titans franchise and chose not to participate? What a weirdo.”

I LOVE what the Titans O-line is doing!

But, they’re doing offensive line stuff. That is not quarterback behavior. Leave Marcus alone. I do hope that Mariota paid for all the beer and catfish though. If a quarterback goes out with his offensive line, it’s a known fact he’s supposed to pick up the tab. I don’t care if you don’t drink, you’re still responsible for buying rounds.