Go listen to Sharpshooter by Lucas Hex right now.

So, I had to hear this first on BDP4Life.com. Which, I’m cool with. S/O to Joey. But, just I’m going to pretend that my boy, Lucas Hex e-mailed me this song and gave us the exclusive release of it. So, without further ado, here’s the world premiere (as far as you know) of Lucas Hex’s new jam, “Sharpshooter.”

Me after realizing that we didn’t get the real world premier:

Me after listening to “Sharpshooter”:

Love the this song. Love Lucas Hex. Love NEPA hip hop.

P.S. The Sharpshooter is the greatest submission move in the history of professional wrestling.

Hot take: The Sharpshooter is the greatest finishing move in professional wrestling history.