Let’s Begin by Bad Ronald is your Friday Pump Up Jam

We’re throwing it back, way back, to 2002 with this week’s Friday Pump Up Jam by Bad Ronald.

It’s Memorial Day weekend! That means, as long as your life doesn’t completely suck, you should have at least a three-day weekend. This holiday weekend is all about grilling burgers, drinking beers, trips to the beach, hikes with your dog, yard work and hanging with your boys (or girls – just not on Saturday… because we all know what Saturdays are for).

Oh, right and the real reason… remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. Thank you all for your service.

That being said, you’re likely to stumble upon a cook out or two this weekend. Everyone loves the guy who puts on just the right song at the right time. If you want to be “that guy,” I have just the song for you. The 2001-2002 one-kind-of-hit wonder, Bad Ronald and their only song ever, Let’s Begin.

This week’s selection is dedicated to the PAS’s very own Pete the lawyer. Because he legitimated loved this “band” and “song.” I can’t believe that being a fan of the rap-rock genre doesn’t automatically disqualify you from taking the bar. Question #1 should be: “Were you ever a fan of rap-rock?” If the answer is yes, they should just stamp the application with a big red “DENIED.” A follow up question could be, “Did you ever listen to a band consisting of Doug Ray, White Owl and Kaz Gamble?” Also, denied.

Remember, I’m a sports guy, but I’m THE music guy.

Bad Ronald – Let’s Begin