Colin Kaepernick is done! Or Is He?

The 2017 NFL draft has passed and there were 10 QBS taken this year. QBs were taken as early as the 2nd pick in the 1st round (Mitch Trubisky) and as late as the 35th pick in the 7th round (Chad Kelly). A lot of teams picked QBs to fill vacancies while other teams selected a QB to someday replace their aging vet. Regardless, Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent. Will Kaepernick get signed this offseason? Let’s take a look.

Kaepernick was a 2nd round draft pick in 2011 and played his entire NFL career with the 49ers. He had his ups and downs in popularity for his play and his actions. Kaepernick led the 49ers to a Super Bowl in 2012 where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens 31-34. He broke the NFL record for most rushing yards in a game by a QB (181 yards). Kaep has thrown for over 12,000 yards, rushed for 2,300 yards and has scored a combined 85 TDs. I’d say those numbers are pretty decent compared to some other QBs that are starting in the league today.

I mentioned Kaep’s actions earlier in the article. Some are quick state this as the reason he isn’t already signed by a team. For those of you that don’t know this, Kaep protested by not standing during the National Anthem. He started out sitting during our country’s song, but would evenly turn to taking a knee while our song played. People were outraged that someone would have the nerve to take such actions during a song that represents our freedoms here in America. The freedoms that service men and women fought and died for allowing him to make millions to play football. (These are/were the concerns of people across the country, not specifically my beliefs) So now that we have the backstory, let’s see if there is any room left for Kaep to continue his career.

There were 10 teams that selected a QB: Bears, Texans, Chiefs, Browns, Bills, Lions, Giants, Broncos, Steelers, and his former employer, the 49ers. Most organizations already have their franchise QB on the roster so I don’t see many places, if any, that he can be a day 1 starter. Well maybe 1.

The New York Jets and Colin Kaepernick

The Jets current starter is Josh McCown. He signed a 1-year contract in March with the organization. I know Robert “Woody” Johnson IV wasn’t the happiest camper about Kapernick’s protest, but he is a businessman and likes to win. I think this is a place that Kaep can land with a constructive conversation between player and owner. I honestly believe that this is the only team, barring any preseason injury, that Kaepernick can come in and land the starting job.

In closing, I think that Kaep might be done as a starter. He still has a chance of signing as a backup, but that will obviously come down to money. It’s unfortunate because I believe Kaep can succeed in the right system. I hope he gets another chance and lands himself a starting role with a team in the NFL. What’s your take?