The 2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

Do you even LAX, bro? I’m only writing this, because I stumbled upon the 2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament on ESPNU a few minutes ago. I’m not a LAX bro. Where I come from, North Eastern Pennsylvania, we don’t even have Lacrosse. Do we? But, in Central Pennsylvania where I now reside, it seems like a real thing. So, I figured it deserved some coverage. If we’re being 100% honest, my knowledge of Lacrosse is the Duke Lacrosse incident, which took place when I was in college… like 10 years ago. So, here you go, Lacrosse info from a non-LAX bro.

2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Seeding

  1. Maryland (12-3)
  2. Syracuse (12-2)
  3. Ohio State (13-4)
  4. Notre Dame (8-5)
  5. Denver (11-3)
  6. Johns Hopkins (8-6)
  7. Penn State (12-3)
  8. Albany (14-2)

So, I’d just like to point out the #4 seed. I’d cheer for Notre Dame in an underwater basket weaving contest. #NotreDameGuy. But, I do think it’s cool to see schools like John Hopkins, Denver and Albany at the top of the rankings. I don’t know if that speaks to these schools being Lacrosse powerhouses or to the fact that they have an influx of rich (possibly upper-middle class) white bros. Possibly both?

2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Automatic Qualifiers

So, apparently, not everyone is awarded a seed in the 2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. Automatic qualifiers don’t even get assigned one. Weird. But, I’ll bite.

  • America East: Albany
  • Big East: Marquette
  • Big Ten: Maryland
  • CAA: Towson
  • Ivy League: Yale
  • MAAC: Monmouth
  • NEC: Bryant
  • Patriot: Loyola
  • Southern Conference: Air Force
    *ACC no longer gets an AQ

How baller is it that the ACC doesn’t get an automatic bid to the NCAA Lacross Tournament? “Oh, you’re the ACC, arguably one of the best conferences in sports? Not in Lacrosse. Fuck out’a here, ACC.” I kind of respect that. Don’t worry, #NotreDameGuys, the Fighting Irish are holding it down for you. You’re welcome, ACC. Unless we’re independent in Lacrosse. I’m not sure how it works.

I don’t know if you guys heard, but the Patriots’ receiver Chis Hogan played college Lacrosse for Penn State. Only after he finished four years of lacrosse, did he play one season of football for Monmouth. The NFL announcers didn’t mention that fun fact 500 times this season. Did they?

Here’s the 2017 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament hype video. It didn’t really get my hyped. But, maybe if you’re a Lacrosse bro this will get your blood pumping.