Cristiano Ronaldo “Honored” With Bust That Looks Like A Cartoon

Who commissioned┬áthe blind guy to mold a bronze bust of Cristiano Ronaldo? That’s bad. Just, really bad. Then, who said, “OK, we’re just going to go with this.” Can you imagine the gasps when this was unveiled? Ronaldo is a national treasure in Portugal. Not, America. In America, he’s just a soccer player.

There’s not much else to say, except that this statue looks nothing like Cristiano Ronaldo. They eyes are too small for the head. The mouth is doing something weird. It almost looks like he’s sucking on a sour war head. The statue was unveiled at the Madeira airport in Portugal, near Ronaldo’s hometown.

Kicker, they renamed the airport “The Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.” Jesus, I hope they at least spelt his name right. If you’re keeping track, Ronaldo now has an airport, museum and a hotel named after him.

Proving that contrary to popular American belief, people actually care about soccer.

The Point After Show has received an exclusive photo of the artist!

Get this stuff right.

Cristiano Ronaldo is an international sex symbol.

We can’t have statues of him out there looking like melted cheese.