NFL Week 3 Picks and Over/Unders

We’d like to welcome back all of our degenerate PAS-Holes! We didn’t put out our picks last week and I apologize for that. It was completely my bad. I run an annual music conference and my time management skills weren’t what I thought they were. I hope it didn’t affect your bankroll in a negative fashion. This week, we’re back this week with the internet’s best NFL Week 3 picks and over/unders.

As I said, we missed week 3, but after week 1, Tommy is in first place at 9-3. Cavi came in a close second, going 8-4. Ed pulled up the rear at 5-7. Had you bet with Tommy or Cavi’s picks you’d have cashed in nicely.

In life and betting, you’ll never win them  all, but spreading your investments (bets) across multiple platforms (games) you’ll have a better chance at winning or at least breaking even. That’s the strategy I employ and recommend. Also, taking advice form people who have intimate knowledge said investment always helps.

NFL Week 3 Picks
NFL Week 3
Season: 8-4
Season: 5-7
Season: 9-3
Ravens (-4, 39) at Jaguars Jaguars / Over Jaguars / Under Ravens / Over
Broncos (-3, 40.5) at Bills Broncos / Under Bills / Over Broncos / Under
Saints at Panthers (-6, 48) Panthers / Over Panthers / Over Saints / Under
Steelers (-7.5, 45.5) at Bears Steelers / Over Bears / Over Steelers / Over
Giants at Eagles (-6, 43) Eagles / Under Eagles / Under Giants / Over
Bengals at Packers (-9, 44.5) Packers / Under Bengals / Over Bengals / Over
Raiders (-3, 54) at Redskins Raiders / Over Raiders / Over Raiders / Under
Cowboys (-3, 47) at Cardinals Cardinals / Under Cardinals / Under Cowboys / Over

Above you’ll find our NFL Week 3 picks and over/unders. It’s also fair to note that we made these decisions based on the Wednesday morning lines and things may change. If you have any additional questions feel free to tweet us: @ProducerCavi, @Eddie_ThePAS, or @Tlip_ThePAS. We hope that this will help the PAS-holes out there that might have a little degenerate gambler in them. We’d also like to remind you that while we consider ourselves “experts,” you’re not guaranteed to win anything. Gamble at your own risk. Also, if you’re going to gamble, do it legally and responsibly. If you’ve got a problem, call 1-800-Gambler.