So, Marty Jannetty doesn’t want to have sex with his daughter?

Marty Jannetty is now claiming that his phone was hacked, stolen, lost or something. This is a wild ride, buckle up.

Jannetty took to his personal Facebook page about 15 minutes ago to let everyone know that he doesn’t want to have sexual relations with his daughter. “BREAKING NEWS FOR ALL MEDIA!!! NO SEX WITH DAUGHTERS!!!” he posted.

He continued, “I always tell my people on Facebook about losing my phones which happens a lot(Dude, where’s my phone) Well heres how I know a recent one was stolen and not lost. I got up this morning and saw my phone had 8 FB messages that came in from 4:30am when I went to bed and 8:30am when I woke up. I checked into them and they were all people asking why I looked so sad. There was a pic sent to many people in my FB messenger of me>>looking horrible!!! IT TOLD ON THE CULPRIT!”

The New York Post and many other publications have been reporting that Jannetty allegedly asked Facebook if it was okay to have sex with his daughter. I mean, kudos to them, that was click bait central. They even got me.

Now, Jannetty is threatening to sue everyone, because they reported it as fact. Listen, that is just 100% bad journalism on their part. EVERYTHING and I repeat, EVERYTHING that The Point After Show reports is alleged. I can’t confirm shit. For fucks sake, I only allegedly write for this site. That being said, it did come from his PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. So, I can’t blame them that much. What were they supposed to do, call him and say… “Hey, Marty Jannetty, do you really want to have sex with your kind-of-sort-of daughter?”

New York Post: “WWE legend Shawn Michaels’ former tag-team partner has caused a stir by appearing to ask wrestling fans if it’s OK to have sex with his “daughter” after discovering she was not his biological child.

The controversy began when Marty Jannetty, 57, allegedly took to his Facebook page last month to seek help over his family dilemma.

In a post spotted by IB Times, which no longer appears on his timeline, Jannetty said that he and his daughter Bianca had fought the urge to become lovers for some time.”

So, I mean… who knows. I’m not the one to say if Marty Jannetty does or doesn’t want to have sex with a girl he raised as his daughter and recently took a paternity test to prove that she wasn’t his biological daughter. I know nothing of these matters. I do however consider myself a bit of a cell phone expert, I carry two at all times and have never lost one. Here’s how you prevent losing your phone, Marty. Put the fucking thing in your pocket. Boom.

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