Thoughts on LeBron James getting political?

I have a newfound level of respect for LeBron James. He didn’t HAVE to get involved. But, he did and I respect that. I’m not going to launch into a political tirade here. This is a sports site. It’s getting harder and harder to separate ourselves from what’s currently engulfing the country at large.

It is our moral duty as a country (and decent humans) to shout down Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK at every turn. I don’t even care what 45 says or does anymore. We don’t require his words to validate anything. We know right from wrong. He has proven over the past three days that he shouldn’t be anyone’s moral compass.

It’s our job as Americans to resist hatred, racism and bigotry in all forms.

 I applaud LeBron James.

This isn’t a “is he the best basketball player ever” debate. Last night, he proved that he’s a genuinely good guy.

Below are the words that LeBron spoke to 7,500 kinds in his hometown of Akron during a LeBron James Family Foundation event.

It’s not about the “so called president of the united states.” – LeBron James