Dave Bliss, who was involved in a murder scandal, hired by Las Vegas Christian School

Some holy rollers are gonna roll the dice on Dave Bliss. The Calvary Chapel Christian School in Las Vegas has hired former Baylor head coach, Dave Bliss as their boy’s basketball coach and athletic director. You know… the same Dave Bliss that was involved in a murder scandal while he was at Baylor. The same Dave Bliss that was rumored to have been involved in covering up the murder of one of his players. That guy. The kind of guy that you’d want around your high school age children.

After all, September Wilson who works at Calvary Chapel Christian told The Review Journal that “there’s a great documentary he’s put out there on his testimony, and that is the one thing everybody needs to see right now: that he’s a man of Christ.”

Come on. It’s amazing how people can twist and ignore facts to make them fit conveniently into their belief system.

ReviewJournal:  “Calvary Chapel Christian School’s boys basketball program has hired a head coach with more than 500 career wins at the Division I college level.

The coach comes with plenty of baggage, too.

Dave Bliss, who as Baylor basketball coach in 2003 was at the center of a murder scandal involving his players, was hired recently to coach the Calvary Chapel boys team and serve as athletic director, a teacher at the Las Vegas school confirmed Wednesday.

His biggest controversy came when he resigned from Baylor in 2003 following NCAA investigations into circumstances surrounding the murder of player Patrick Dennehy by teammate Carlton Dotson.

In 2005, the NCAA issued Bliss a 10-year show-cause notice, an administrative punishment for a coach who has committed major rules violations. The notice can be transferred to any other NCAA member school that wants to hire the coach during that time.

After Dennehy’s death, Bliss suggested that the player was a drug dealer to help explain tuition payments the coach admitted later to providing.

Bliss reiterated the claims that Dennehy was a drug dealer in a Showtime documentary that aired this spring and subsequently resigned from his job at Southwestern Christian.”

Dave Bliss, excellent roll model and a man of god.