Allen Iverson Breaking Philly Hearts

The homecoming of Allen Iverson to Philadelphia wasn’t what the fans expected. Iverson isn’t logging a ton of minutes in the Big3 games, but fans were still anxious to see him take the court in Philly again. Sorry guys. No such luck. Iverson didn’t play. To be fair, it sounds like doctors told him not to play. However, I doubt that mattered to the 1000’s of angry Philadelphians who spent their hard earned dollars to watch Iverson play. I’m guessing they didn’t buy those tickets because of Jermaine O’Neil.

We talked about this in detail on this week’s podcast. You can listen below.

I understand Iverson following doctors orders, I guess. But it’s not like here’s trying to preserve himself for a longer term or future basketball career. The Big3 isn’t exactly handing out millions. He could have gave the City of Brotherly Love as show. “Allen Iverson arrived at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Sunday for his homecoming game with his Big3 team. Iverson’s “3’s Company” played, but he did not, leaving fans disappointed.

Iverson, the face of the Big3 3-on-3 basketball tournament, was supposed to play Sunday night but sat out due to his doctor’s orders. He announced minutes before the game on Instagram that he would not play.”

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Allen Iverson took to Instagram to assure fans that he would coach. As if that was THE ANSWER. See what I did there?

“To all my fans out there, based on advice from my doctor, I will not be playing in the game tonight for the BIG3, I will be there to coach my team and beat Dr. J’s team, I will be interacting with all my fans, and we’ll have a great time and see some great basketball. I love you fans for supporting me all of the years up to date, and I’ll see you when I get there.”