Does Charles Barkley love hockey and hate basketball?

Wow, what a big departure from Sir Charles Barkley. Just like that. Over night, the guy went form being a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, to a bonafide hockey guy. Okay… Maybe it’s not fair to say that he “hates” basketball. But he 100% said that the hockey playoffs have been better.

This intrigues me. How much do you think Charles Barkley actually knows about hockey? Would he actually know a good hockey game from a bad one? If the game wasn’t a blow out in one direction, I don’t know that I could tell the difference myself.

Do you think all of this comes as a result of Charles not liking the way that the Golden State Warriors play the game of basketball? Could it be his distain for a team that he says, “lives or dies by the three ball?” Perhaps. He’s been pretty vocal about how much he hates that they don’t utilize a true big man. He’s also made comments to hint that they were “ruining” basketball.

I don’t know about all that. But, these are his words, not mine…

“I’m just glad to be here, because the NBA playoffs have not been great. But, the Stanley Cup playoffs have been amazing.” There you have it. From royalty’s mouth to god.

I do know that Charles Barkley loves hockey.

We talk NHL Finals and the Predators in this week’s podcast…