Premier League key match-up: Bournemouth 0 Manchester City 2

This Premier League match was key for a few reasons: First, league leaders Chelsea dropped points for the first time since January 4th(against Spurs) which lead to a possible opening for a team to be within single digits of them. Manchester City, who was on 49 points going into the game, capitalized with the win today, and moves within 8 points of Chelsea (60). Also, with the win, Man City leapfrogs Tottenham to move into sole possession of 2nd place.

(I watch these match-ups live so this will be what I jotted as I saw the game)

1st half: First thing I see as I tune into the game late (17 mins in) is Jack Wilshere making a great 1-2 play to help a teammate get into the box and get a good direct shot on goal (this happened to be their only shot on goal as well, also 17 mins in). As good as a play as that was, it still isn’t worth 100,000 euros per week, but that’s what agents are for. I see Bournemouth going at Man City early with maximum intensity.

Great crowd influence behind them; They have to make something happen at this point with the momentum clearly still on their side, although I feel as though that won’t happen. Raheem Sterling is shaking things up. Good to see such things from a talented player like him. He really wants to call that amber alert off that he had on himself earlier in the year.

Bournemouth have to score off of the few set pieces they will get during this game.

Amber alert rescinded, with the crazy-fast counter attack from Man City leading to a tap-in goal from Raheem Sterling. I’m convinced he sleep walks through periods of the season. BOU 0 MC 1 

Bournemouth, while I was typing the punchline above, ran down the field and scored a goal in less than a minute after the City goal. Although it was disallowed. So much hurt in the Bournemouth fans eyes. BOU 0 MC 1

Man City is apply the high press toward the end of the half and are getting several attempts for shots on goal. Even with that said, Bournemouth will not back down End of half. 

2nd half: Joshua King is really talented. He has so much pace, and shows skill with said pace, every time he touches the ball. Is he like this every game?

Leroy Sane is exhausting every defender on the left hand side for Bournemouth. He runs to open up passing lanes often, and hardly ever loses possession when he has the ball in the middle of the pitch with defenders around him.

Slowly but surely, the press of Man City is breaking Bournemouth down. Even when Bournemouth have the ball, they don’t have any build-up and then turn the ball over in their own half. It’s getting ugly for Bournemouth at this point.

YEP. CONVINCED. Raheem Sterling is a quarterly sleepwalker. This man just put on a dribble and set up clinic on the touchline, then passing it back right in front of goal, only to be met by the sliding foot of Sergio Aguero….for now…or at least until the “Goal Accreditation Panel” decides if the goal is his or a Tyrong Mings own goal. So i’ll be the first to say: Wait, they have a Goal Accreditation “Panel”??? Where can I sign up for that job? BOU 0 MC 2    

It is the 79th minute, and the crowd is chanting as loud as they were at the beginning of the game. They want the players, hell, they’re even begging the players to get a pride goal at this point. It’s really disheartening to watch

Man City is abusing that left side weakness for Bournemouth. Correction, Leroy Sane is abusing that left side weakness. He is gonna be really good…yeah REALLY good. End of game

Update: The Goal Accreditation Panel have ruled: It’s an own goal to Tyrone Mings….I can see that Aguero appeal email being loaded right now.


-Stephen Butler

Twitter: @BobDIGI_