Parkway High School Hates Nick Saban

Parkway High School in Louisiana bans Alabama from recruiting their players. Well, kind of. Basically, the coach, David Feaster said that he doesn’t want them on campus. But, something tells me that this was just a high school football couch talking WAY above his pay grade. A little law suite from a player that didn’t get a scholarship here, a little anger alumni there, and the next thing you know, Nick Saban’s got his own lazy boy waiting on the sideline.

Then again, this is SEC football country. The high school head football couch could have the power to fire the athletic director, principle and school board, for all I know. – A Louisiana high school football coach said Wednesday the only school not welcomed on his campus is Alabama.

Parkway (La.) High School coach David Feaster told 104.5 ESPN his players can certainly join Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide, but he isn’t going to help Alabama recruit his kids.

“LSU’s welcome in my school anytime,” Feaster said. “The only school that can’t come to Parkway is Alabama. And there’s a long story behind that, but it had to do with not being ethical in their recruiting.

“They can’t come. Everyone else is 100 percent welcome.”

“I don’t want them on campus,” he said. “I don’t want them making those kind of offers.

Parkway High School college recruits, I’m sorry.

If you’re a kid on this guy’s team, that’s a D1 prospect, you probably need to transfer right now, right? I mean, your coach is out there, picking fights with Nick F’n Saban. Telling him he can’t recruit you. That goes one of two ways. Saban ends this guy or he just ignores anyone at the high school and pretends like they don’t exist.

Did some hard hitting googling journalistic research. Turns out that Parkway High School has two players currently on the ESPN top 300 recruiting list. Congrats guys, your coach just blew your chances of playing for Alabama.

Enter the lawyers. Enjoy Community College.