Colorado State’s Coach Intimidated Players and Dropped a Hard “C”

So, what you’re telling me is that Colorado State’s Coach (former), Larry Eustachy, is basically every coach that I’ve ever had?

Isn’t part of being a good coach instilling fear and having your players be intimidated by you? AKA having them respect you and know who’s boss? Maybe not so much of the emotional abuse part… let’s investigate… – CSU men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy created a culture of fear and intimidation and emotionally abused his players, newly obtained records from a 2013-2014 university investigation show.

The report’s findings led to a recommendation that his contract be terminated.

In a summary of the investigation, Eustachy acknowledged he has told his assistant coaches to “shut the f— up” and called players “f—-g c–ts.” He also said he “crossed the line” and later said he went “way over the line” when questioned about whether the atmosphere in his program was one of fear and intimidation.

I’d like to go on record and say that I’m pretty sure my 3rd grade pee-wee football coach might have told us to “shut the f-ck up” on a regular basis. They’ve got to be kidding. Some of my high school football coaches probably called their grandmothers “f—g c–ts.” Again, is this real life?

P.S. My dad was my Pee-Wee Football coach.

Listen to Larry over here taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook.

“I am deeply disappointed on a very personal level that someone chose to publicize confidential information from my personnel file,” Eustachy said in a statement released by the university. “That said, I fully recognize that I’m not perfect. I have my faults and strive every day to be better than I was yesterday.”

Hey, Coloradoan, how about you stop being #FakeNews? Try that on for size. Eustachy’s going to shine some light on the leakers and the #FakeNews.

So, what’s my take on this? From the details presented above, Eustachy did absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes. Is it cool to drop a hard “C,” ever? Not really. It’s a gross word. But, these are grown ass men and he’s trying to win. If that’s his style, that’s his style. Respect the craft. These are all adults, not minors, they’re on a mid-major COLLEGE basketball team. If Larry wanted to tell them to “shut the f-ck up” and call them the “c” word, so be it. It’s his team. This is all so absurd to me.

The CSU investigation documents the coach’s outbursts, including punching and breaking dry erase boards in locker rooms and throwing unopened soda cans against walls. The document is 90 pages and the investigation spanned 99 days during the 2013-14 season.

Oh, did your coach punch a few dry erase board and throw cans of soda against a wall? Did he scream at you? Jesus. We called that a Wednesday practice when I was in high school. My MOST MILD MANNERED coach once said to me, “if he makes another tackle, I’m going to nail you up to a cross and crucify you. I’m going to f-cking crucify you.” I heard that as clear as day. I thought he might actually do it. You know what happened? I didn’t miss the block. Who am I kidding? I still probably missed the block. But, I sure as hell tried a lot harder.

One time, when we were losing 27-0 at half time, a box of athletic tape came flying over a locker and our team captain went flying off the bench from the impact of the box to his chest. On the other side of the room, a coach was screaming and punching a locker so hard that it fell off the wall. You know what that level of intensity did to our team? We went out there and won the game. No. Actually, no, we didn’t. We lost 27 to 21. But, it was a hell of a game.

I can’t believe I read this article. It’s literally everything I hate about what sports has become rolled into a big ball. We’re left with a generation of cry babies, complaining because their coaches yell at them. Our coached put on pads and hit us! Larry Eustachy never put a hand on a player. Never touched one of them. These are JUST GROWN AS MEN, UPSET ABOUT BEING YELLED AT.

Where’s the locker room code? What happens in the locker room between player, team and coach (as long as it’s not illegal or like really, really bad) stays in the locker room!

Now, let’s talk about why Eustachy actually got fired. Because, he allegedly has a serious drinking problem, he didn’t win and a bunch of kids transferred. Those are the real reason.

Guess no one interviewing Colorado State’s Coach ever heard of Bobby Night.