Knockout Of The Week – Joe Harding

Joe Harding Suffers Embarrassing knockout!!

This past weekend brought MMA lovers so many memorable moments, and water cooler conversations. My personal favorite highlight had to be on Saturday night during the British Challenge MMA 18 card in Colchester, England. Joe Harding squared off against Johan Segas in a amateur featherweight fight.  The fight did not go exactly to plan for Harding as you will see. Mr. Harding made the mistake of thinking he could float like a butterfly. Unfortunately it was his opponent’s foot that stung like the bee.

Shortly into the fight, Joe Harding decided he was going to go all Muhamad Ali, and work the showboating a little. That’s a fine when you are the greatest of all time. It’s not such a great move when you are an amateur hoping to become a professional one day and it goes terribly wrong.

I’m not sure if Harding’s plan was to embarrass Segas or to simply get in his head. What I do know, is Segas had other ideas. Harding is now going to be arguably the most talked about loser in MMA history. Take a look.