Mitchell Pope Puts Dude Perfect to Shame

Is Mitchell Pope better than Dude Perfect? Maybe. That’s the word on the internet streets.

Mitchell Pope is just your average dude from North East Pennsylvania. He loves fun, hunting and being a teacher (I think). I didn’t actually ask. It appears Mitchell has another hobby, he spends hours in the gym trying to make trick shots that are arguably better than Dude Perfect. In our opinion, they are better. Why? Because he’s alone in a creepy gym and it looks like he could be killed at any moment. He also doesn’t celebrate each shot with a “bro hug,” like Dude Perfect does. The Point After Show is officially endorsing Mitchell’s trick shots.

*Please note that this endorsement does not entitle Mitchell to any financial compensation or compensation of any kind. Not even a free t-shirt. Maybe, he’ll get a discount on a t-shirt. Our lawyer, Pete the Lawyer, wanted to make sure that we made that clear.

For the sake of this blog, we’re going to say that Mitchell makes all of these shots on his first try. If we don’t ask and he doesn’t tell us any different, it must true. That’s how that works, right?

Mitchell is also part of the hunting documentary / online community, Sons of the Hunt. Check them out if you like to kill animals for fun and stuff. They seem to be good at it. I wouldn’t know.

We plan on linking up with Mitchell soon and helping him film some higher quality versions of these videos with him. Because, lets be honest, judging by the quality of these videos, it’s 100% possible that he’s shooting them with a flip phone.

Check out Mitch’s videos (Better than Dude Perfect):


Stay tuned. Part 2 coming soon!