I Love Chris Long and his Twitter

I have so much respect for Chris Long. As someone who is often attacked on Twitter by the Alt-Right and if we’re being completely honest, just plain ‘ole Republicans – I love what he’s doing. He won’t be visiting the White House and I respect that. He’s also burning people left and right on twitter. Which, I respect even more. Who knew Chris Long had such a strong Twitter game?

Vice.com:  “Chris Long is one of a handful of New England Patriots players who have publicly stated that they would not attend a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl victory at the White House. They have been praised in some corners, while also taking a lot of guff from the internet’s Fuming Pepe community. Long has explained his position, saying he has “plenty of serious political reasons” not to go, but that at the end of the day he’s making a personal decision. In the current climate of exactly zero nuance or capacity to accept that reasonable minds can disagree on things, this has not gone over well. So, Long tried to hash it out on Twitter.”

Let’s investigate:

Thanks for being a real Patriot, Chris! I hope free agency treats you well.