Impressed and Annoyed by Draymond’s Triple Double

I like to refer to Draymond Green as the anti-mailman.  Mostly because he prefers to not handle packages with care. Last night, however Green’s effort was more of a paradox. He dropped a triple double on Memphis. I know it’s not that big of an accomplishment anymore, seeing that Russell Westbrook does it every night,  but how he did it was different. Draymond completed this feat by getting 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals.

This is where my anger comes in. He only scored 4 points. Scoring points should be the easiest part of a triple double. You’re telling me there wasn’t some clipboard nerd, sitting on the bench capable of telling Draymond he was approaching a “Halley’s Comet” rare, quadruple double?

“Um, sir! Mr. Green sir, I just wanted to let you know that if you can score six more points you can be part of history, sir”  

Only four players have ever achieved this. EVER!

I mean for God’s sake, Golden State typically scores points at a breakneck pace. In fact, it’s 8:12 in the morning and I guarantee a Warrior is scoring right now(nice). Getting the extra six points shouldn’t have been a problem for Draymond to accomplish, but apparently it was. So, Draymond will be able to put this accolade on his resume, but having a quadruple double could have been historic.  Even more, it would have easily taken the glare off being known as the guy with the most uncontrollable, loose cannon leg in the game.