Premier League: 2 Minute Drill

Don’t you hate as a PL fan, you miss critical game days because your boss tells you working on a weekend is “beneficial for you AND the company”? Yeah, me too. Luckily you have me here to help. This is a quick fix for people that need the Chris Berman highlight dope, and I’m giving you two free hits of highlight reels I watched on the ESPN app. +1000 xp if you read along as you watch the highlights

2. West Ham United 2 West Bromwich Albion 2

People really don’t like to watch soccer because of the chance of a draw, which can be boring, especially a 0-0 draw. You can’t tell me teams scoring 2 goals a piece isn’t entertaining, and this one was definitely exciting

4:57 James Morrison has possession of the ball 25 yards from goal & passes to Nacer Chadli who sprints to the left hand side of the box (Spurs had him so I know whats about to happen here)

4:59 Chadli nutmegs the defender to slip into a 1 on 1 with the goalie

5:01 Chadli nutmegs the goalie as the goalie looks stunned…WHU 1 WBA 0

62:05 (notice the time gap. Glad i missed this one) Manuel Lanzini for WHU receives ball 25 yards from goal and uses a beautiful 2 touch skill to get ball on strong foot and shoots a FIFA finesse shot that hits middle crossbar

62:09 Ball is coming down and all I see is 3 burgundy WHU shirts staring at the ball

62:10 Sofiane Feghouli taps the ball in for the novice bully goal 2 yards out WHU 1 WBA 1

85:45 Manuel Lanzini (trend here) has ball surround by 2 defenders 29 yards out

85:47 Two 5 star skill touches later gets ball onto left foot with space and pushes forward to 25 yards out

85:48 Lanzini shoots a low curling, bouncer that finds its way into the left corner of the net. Stone cold stunner WHU 2 WBA 1

93:01 +5′ Here is when I knew fate was coming. West Brom has a corner and Chris Brunt (Who?) fires a perfect, back post cross that is waiting on an equally perfect header

93:03 Johnny Evans (This is top flight football right?) jumps over a West Ham defender and his own teammate to head the ball across goal into the top right corner of the net. Wide eye emoji face WHU 2 WBA 2

We all want to see a clear winner, but we learned a much more valuable lesson. good things happen when you play to the final whistle

1. Sunderland 0 Southampton 4

Who doesn’t want to watch a 4 goal blowout? I thought so…

29:00 (Hate when a game starts slow) Ryan Bertrand, who killed Sunderland down the left side ALL game, has the ball 30 yards out, pushes up 5 yards to whip a speeding left footed cross

29:02 Manolo Gabbiadini slips between two defenders and literally shoulders in a goal right in front of net (STILL don’t think he saw it coming) SUN 0 SOU 1

44:55 Bertrand (again) at the top left corner of the box, threads a good through pass into the box

44:54 Gabbiandini spins, turns and right foots it back to the bottom left corner of the net. (Looked like FIFA cheese) SUN 0 SOU2

87:49 Bertrand on a counter running full speed down the left side and has a free run into the box

87:51 Bertrand sweats a pass back toward the penalty spot to Shane Long who easily slots it into the top left corner of the net…Brutal to watch SUN 0 SOU3

91:16 +3′ Shane Long gets a ass on yet another counter 30 yards out with a 2v2 ahead of him. He utilizes his teammate for a give and go

91:19 Long receives pass from teammate and and gives another cool lows shot finish to the bottom right corner. Just like they drew it up in training SUN 0 SOU 4


P.S. Sunderland should have held on to that NBCSN exclusive special for another week. They needed the spirit boost after this one


-Stephen Butler

Twitter: @BobDIGI_