DeMarcus Cousins, for me, draws comparison to a movie that depicts a humble, young man who has talents beyond words. Unfortunately, he lets the hype get the best of him. The similarities between Cousins and Mark Wahlberg’s character in Boogie Nights, Dirk Diggler, don’t stop there. The come-up story about the new guy threatening an entire profession, with a cocky/hot headed attitude of the newly found stardom. It may also have the tragic downfall, however, due to that same attitude.

One of the best, if not, the best big man I’ve seen since Dwight Howard. This unicorn athlete took the league by storm in 2010 and has been averaging 21.0 and 10.8 rebounds since! Just you have the good attributes of Dirk Diggler, however, you also have the bad. These come in the form of early hubris that have tainted young stars time and time again. Going back to the old saying “Is this guy really worth all the trouble?” My short answer regarding DeMarcus Cousins is yes. I am always on the side of the players, simply because I know how hard they work night in and night out. I also know THEY are the ones who deliver championships. I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt a volcanic aura around the Sacramento Kings organization, and it always seems to start with Cousins.

Just look at the first interview we saw of DeMarcus Cousins as a drafted NBA player. Everyone knew the immense talent that was there, along with the 6’10 rage monster, people painted him as. In this video, you will see a humble DeMarcus Cousins. He is forced to deliver a defense message, before he even turned into “that dude”. The thing that gets me about this video is, he wasn’t even given a chance to be a professional. He put the NBA cap on and the first questions asked were about his personality. Early in the video, they bring up a highlight tape and it says, “things he can improve on”, his maturity. How many NBA rookies come out of college and don’t have to improve on maturity?

Keeping with the Boogie Nights theme, Where has DeMarcus Cousins’, Jack Horner been? Jack Horner is vital to Dirk Diggler’s success. He is Dirk’s only real guidance in life.  Mike Malone is Cousins’ Jack Horner. Did Malone just quit on Cousins before getting him under control?  The Kings organization will be tested come next year with DeMarcus’ free agency. The organizations decision may affect their franchise for the next 6 years. Do you dig your feet in and hold on to a bad apple for a star, (see the part where Dirk goes wild) or do you trade your “Dirk” in hopes of getting back a John C. Reilly “old faithful”?

Now, is usually around the time when you see a team planning to make a move. The Sacramento Kings, however, seem to be going with the marriage motto, “It’s cheaper to keep her” stance for now.

This scenario reminds me of Little Bill’s wife, porn star, Nina Hartley. Who played Little Bill you ask? William H. Macy…Go watch the movie.

-Stephen Butler

Twitter: @BobDIGI_