Cedric Benson Is Charged With DUI, Pulls CTE Card

Look at Cedric Benson pulling the old, “I can’t say the alphabet or count because I played in the NFL” move. They let him walk, right?

NYPost.com: Whether he was drunk or is feeling the effects from an eight-year NFL career, this spells trouble for Cedric Benson. The former Bears, Bengals and Packers running back, who last played a game in 2012, was charged with driving while intoxicated early Saturday in Texas.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the 34-year-old refused a field sobriety test. When an officer asked him to recite the alphabet, Benson stated “he couldn’t do that because he played 8 years in the NFL,” according to the police report. He also said he was unable to count to a number past 3. Benson — whose speech was mumbled, whose eyes were “glassy” and who was swaying, according to the police report — was booked into the county jail that night. He’s no longer in custody.

Listen in Cedric Benson’s defense, when he played football at the University of Texas, football players weren’t required to know how to say the alphabet or count past three. So, maybe he’s telling the truth?

Wait. Is there a pattern here?

Wasn’t Benson released by the Bears for (allegedly) being a drunk? Yes.

Wasn’t he arrested in 2011 for (allegedly) punching a bartender in the face? Yes.

Wasn’t he arrested in 2014 for (alleged) public intoxication? Yes.

Cedric Benson’s first three arrests were (allegedly) related to alcohol. But, that doesn’t mean that this one was. No, this was just his CTE flaring up. I’m sure the all the guys suffering from CTE that are eating their meals out of straws and can’t even remember what day it is really appreciate Cedric Benson trying to use CTE to get out of a DUI. Come on, man. Respect the game and those that came before you if nothing else.

At least try offering an autograph or something before you play the CTE card.

I hope they take the driver’s license of Cedric Benson forever.